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Welcome to cheap$F!

Hello and Welcome San Franciscans!

cheap$F is your source for the best that San Francisco has to offer for those on a low budget. Currently, I am studying journalism at San Francisco State University. I enjoy writing about movies, travel, food, and entertainment. To see more of my work, visit ivannaquiroz.wordpress.com. Being a student myself, I know what it’s like to want an active social life, but not have the means to do so.

My goal at cheap$F is to provide the latest information on free or cheap restaurants, activities, nightlife, and events in San Francisco using exciting stories and new media. I encourage conversation here at cheap$F, so if any readers have suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me, leave comments, tweet, or visit the cheap$F facebook page.

There are many sites today that offer information on things to do and places to see in San Francisco and some provide information on cheap and free events. However, most sites give their readers lists and advertisements rather than deliver local views on what these events and activities are actually like.

FunCheapSF is a great source for lists of what’s going on in the city for free or cheap, but rather than provide actual stories on the events, the content tends to focus on advertising the events. At The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to San Francisco, the content also tends to consist of mostly lists rather than stories and there is a lack of new media tools. In this article about the best burritos in San Francisco, the author lists the locations when it may have been more helpful to make a google map to show which are the closest locations to the reader.

The content at Savvy Cities also tends to focus on advertising and offering limited-time deals. Savvy Cities also doesn’t use videos or audio. GrubGirl provides information on cheap eats in the city, but also does not use videos or audio and does not regularly update their site.

All the sites mentioned are good resources for quick information, but are very different from cheap$F. At cheap$F, we will use new media and social media, and we will encourage conversation and storytelling.

Save your money, San Francisco


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